Compton simulation: GEMC gcard

Added by Alexandre Camsonne about 4 years ago


The command to run the script is given below. The LUND file directory is in the command and I have added a copy of the gcard and the electron detector geometry file in-case you need them. Of course you will need to change $SCRIPT_DIR to where ever you put the gcard.



gemc -OUTPUT="evio, output_generator_left_3GeV_1.evio" -INPUT_GEN_FILE="LUND, /work/eic/jhoskins/generator/compton_left_3GeV_1_LUND.dat" $SCRIPT_DIR/det1_compton_eledownstream_batch_LUND_3GeV.gcard

Background JLEIC: Installation Molflow+ and Synrad+

Added by Alexandre Camsonne over 4 years ago

Software install on /group/eic/MolflowSynrad

Can be used in JLAB windows terminal server

Manual and download from


Also available in: Atom