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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
725 GMn_GEM_calibration Task New Normal GEM Crosstalk Analysis 03/20/2023 06:06 PM Actions
724 GMn_GEM_calibration Task New Normal GEM Crosstalk Analysis Summary John Boyd 03/20/2023 06:03 PM Actions
723 BBCal_calibration Task In Progress Normal BBCAL ADC time offset calibration Provakar Datta 03/17/2023 12:10 PM Actions
721 BB-GRINCH Bug New Normal GRINCH TDC data is 1ns integers. Is that the resolution we expect? 03/14/2023 06:49 PM Actions
720 BB-GRINCH Task New Normal LE Offsets GRINCH 03/17/2023 04:31 AM Actions
708 BBCal_calibration Bug Feedback Normal Look at the correlation of BBCal signal ADC time with BBCal trigger TDC time (readout by 1190) Provakar Datta 03/07/2023 02:51 PM Actions
707 BBCal_calibration Bug Feedback Normal Look at the ADC time distributions of BBCal trigger sums Provakar Datta 03/07/2023 02:31 PM Actions
706 BBCal_calibration Bug In Progress Normal Double peaking in ADC time (SH + PS) Provakar Datta 03/07/2023 02:46 PM Actions
705 SoLID-muons Bug In Progress Normal Pythia background and BB GEN Zhiwen Zhao 02/21/2023 02:40 PM Actions
704 SoLID-muons Task New Normal Support structure Alexandre Camsonne 02/21/2023 10:59 AM Actions
703 NPS DAQ Task New Normal Take a pedestal run with event blocking greater than 1 02/08/2023 02:18 PM Actions
702 NPS software Task New Normal Online GUI using ET 02/08/2023 02:10 PM Actions
701 NPS software Task New Normal G4 simulation 02/08/2023 02:10 PM Actions
700 NPS software Task New Normal offline reconstruction and clustering code 02/08/2023 02:10 PM Actions
699 NPS software Task New Normal Calorimeter calibration scripts 02/08/2023 02:09 PM Actions
698 NPS software Task New Normal Data unblocking in decode software 02/08/2023 02:08 PM Actions
697 NPS software Task New Normal VTP data decoding 02/08/2023 02:08 PM Actions
696 Experimental setup Task New Normal DAQ Alexandre Camsonne 02/07/2023 09:58 AM Actions
694 DDVCS events Task New Normal event generation to study DDVCS angular correlations Marie BOER 12/06/2022 04:56 AM Actions
693 SoLID CLFV Task New Normal Pion background study Yulia Furletova 12/06/2022 04:50 AM Actions
691 SoLID-muons Task New Normal Proton detection Zhiwen Zhao 01/31/2023 10:55 AM Actions
690 SoLID-muons Task New Normal Define default simulation Alexandre Camsonne 11/08/2022 10:48 AM Actions
689 SoLID-muons Task New Normal Background beam on target Zhiwen Zhao 11/01/2022 10:34 AM Actions
684 DDVCS events Task In Progress Normal Update farm VGG scripts to slurm Alexandre Camsonne 01/30/2023 05:51 PM Actions
676 Hall A Analyzer Bug Resolved Normal PipeliningModule::LoadBank calling TIBlobModule::LoadSlot with too short a length 10/11/2022 02:41 PM Actions
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