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Alexandre Camsonne, 12/10/2020 03:15 PM

December 10th 2020

  • Ecal discussion
    • DAQ running
    • working on decoder to look at data
    • will try PMTs from Alexandre to test preshower which is noisy
    • Jixie plan to book the truck and lodging for beginning of year
    • trying to find an adapter for MAPMT too
    • David and Jixie will evaluate expected rates for different energies
  • Updates
    • VMM
      • Ben helped Ed for code for 1 gigE on developement board - know what to change to get it working - trying to get it done before Christmas break. Software from Ben available to read out data with a computer
      • migration from 12 to 128 channels : could try 10 gigE link - can use 10 gigE directly since it is backward compatible
      • will look at how to put board on detector and take data with source
      • layout work with Jeff - will meet with Gianluigi at some point to have look on new design
    • APV
      • still simulation - can saturate VME bus in VME2eSST - and focusing on SBS TEDF setup for testing later
      • will switch to VTP code after ( in January for FADC first and after SSP for MPD readout )
      • optical to VTP board for middle of December - can use the VTP front panel -
    • FADC

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