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Alexandre Camsonne, 10/28/2021 03:41 PM

October 28th 2021

  • Updates
    • VMM
      issue with connector tolerance - solution using fixed and floating connectors
      *send power board end of week
      gave VMM Eval board to Xinzhan
      Got 2nd VMM, working on software to
      Radioactive source area
      ArCO2 gas
      can look at signal from VMM
      Friday to Monday in UVA - to setup X-ray
      **VERSO : could use
    • APV
      ***working in Hall A 5.2 KHz 6 samples
    • FADC
      • driver for ethernet adapater not loaded correctly - and should work - might need new kernel
    • VTP
      • New firmware is ready for multicrate ECAL trigger testing (fixed a bug with it early this week)
      • Trying to get solidvtp1 and 2 root mounts to be same as Hall A VTPs. solidvtp1 seems to mount it now, solidvtp2 doesn't
      • These VTPs we're (kernel) crashing often before, so this is why I want to run the same mounts as the Hall A VTPs (where we don't see this). Not sure if the issue will be gone after this mount change - if not I'll check if Bryan can figure it out and probably we can run as-is if we can at least get the VME crates online so we can remotely power cycle to recover

new funding request
*will test radiation hardness next week
*new bPOL supply, GBT ordered
*might need to switch to lpGBT and VTRx+
*TMR commercial software - evaluate cost
*filtering of VMM : ferrite saturates - air core inductors are big - might be better if far from supply - could use linear regulator -
**TDIS : flex circuit board to get signal out

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