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Bug #80: Version 1.6 bugfixes

Static variable in PipeliningModule::SplitBuffer

Added by Ole Hansen over 5 years ago. Updated about 5 years ago.

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The variable data_type_def is declared static in PipeliningModile::SplitBuffer, which makes it global for all instances of PipeliningModule. It seems to me that this cannot be right.

See GitHub issue #151:

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Related to Feature #274: CODA 3 data formatIn ProgressRobert Michaels03/01/2018

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The fix proposed by Ole for this "static variable" question is probably fine, but I wanted to test it on some data to be sure. I used my DAQ test stand for that. Around the same time, I happened to have upgraded that DAQ to CODA 3.07 and, long story short, I could not analyze any data because the event structure is different. So, as a side-issue we need to make the analyzer "CODA version independent". I think I know how to do that now and can test this bug-fix. We'll keep the two issues separate. I think we will want to use CODA 3 eventually, it's a lot simpler and more stable than CODA 2.6.2, also the pipelining is is dealt with more naturally in EVIO 4.

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Closed with commit e795ce1


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