Bug #80

Version 1.6 bugfixes

Added by Ole Hansen almost 4 years ago. Updated about 3 years ago.

Status:In ProgressStart date:08/26/2017
Priority:HighDue date:03/12/2018
Assignee:-% Done:


Category:-Estimated time:55.20 hours
Target version:1.6Spent time:33.00 hours


Fix reported bugs before next release


Bug #64: Nuisance warnings about multiple hits from scintillator c...Closed

Bug #232: THaFormula copy constructor and assignment operators brokenClosedOle Hansen

Bug #245: Low tracking efficiency with Tritium test dataIn ProgressOle Hansen

Bug #246: Prescale event decoding missingClosedOle Hansen

Bug #57: dbconvert doesn't get detector sizes right?ClosedOle Hansen

Bug #250: Re-enable reading of configurable VDC v1.5 parameters via...Closed

Bug #265: Static variable in PipeliningModule::SplitBufferClosedRobert Michaels

Bug #266: Version should be -rc2ClosedOle Hansen

Bug #334: Variable-size arrays may contain size in nameClosedOle Hansen


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