Analysis Tasks

Fall 2018/Spring 2019 Run Completed
Calibrations Ongoing
Efficiencies and offsets Ongoing
First iteration of cross section On deck
Fine tuning cross section iteration To Do
Form factor extraction To Do

This is a summary page with the progress of the KaonLT experiment. Above is a quick outline of our current progress. Below are tasks assigned to members of the group. Anyone who is part of the group may contribute to a task with suggestions and/or updates on progress. Please contact the assignee on a task-by-task basis for any queries. Anyone with general questions can contact Richard Trotta ().


Complete all by Thanksgiving 2020

Timing windows and reference times Early August 2020

  • Richard/Stephen
  • This was completed for hodoscopes, drift chambers by Richard/Stephen. Every HMS/SHMS channel needs to be re-done for the new hcana code.

RF time for SHMS PID Early August 2020

  • Stephen
  • 1-Apr-2020 Update
    • Still need to set RF gates for each particle type, apply TOF corrections for particles other than pion,
      check offsets for other settings.

Calibrations Mid to Late August 2020

  • Aerogel
    • Vladimir/Richard
    • Redmine lists calibration completed by Vladimir. Need a link to the report. Cuts, PID analysis, efficiencies, not yet done.
  • HGCer
    • Garth/Vijay
    • New calibrations almost done. Report in progress. A position dependent efficiency for pi+ and K+ will have to be implemented. This is not yet started.
  • Hodoscope
    • Vijay/Ali
    • The second band is alright to keep for now until we tighten our time windows. Then the calibrations will need to be redone. This will not be until efficiencies are well established.

Initial run tables Early September 2020

  • Richard
  • Run tables from shift workers posted on Redmine. Has anyone gone through this to fix erroneous entries?

Efficiencies Mid-September 2020

SHMS tracking algorithm optimization and efficiencies Mid-September 2020

EDTM Early October 2020

  • Richard
  • This has been looked at by various people. Need links to documentation.
  • Dave Mack Studies

Luminosity Late October 2020

  • Richard/Ali/Vijay
    • Scaler
    • event (different times for both)
    • LH2 boiling tests
    • Need to check if the various luminosity scans give consistent results. HMS singles: partially done by Richard SHMS singles: partially done by Richard. All students need to repeat this work, particularly with new version of hcana.
  • Need to check if the various luminosity scans give consistent results
  • Peter Bosted has looked in detail at our data, leading to significant improvements to hcana. We need to repeat his studies for ourselves

On deck

Complete some by User Winter Meeting (Late January 2021)

SHMS and HMS Optics Improvements Mid-October 2020

  • Mark Jones
  • SHMS
  • HMS, unsure

Check stability of cointime peak Late October 2020

  • ???
  • In Fpi-2 it drifted with TDC temperature and needed to be adjusted on a run-by-run basis to within 200 ps.
  • Initial checks so far indicate the peak is stable. Cointime resolution will be poorer in fall 2018 run due to DAQ cabling issue. Mark has partial software fix that we need to be sure is implemented.


  • singles Early January 2021
    • Richard/Ali/Vijay
    • Initial Heepcheck offset fitting to get corrected E, E', theta'.
  • coin Early March 2021
    • Richard/Ali/Vijay
    • Initial Heepcheck offset fitting to get corrected E, E', theta'.

Heepcheck offsets Early March 2021

  • ???
  • Check that Heepcheck offsets produce consistent p(e,e'K+)L, p(e,e'pi+)n p(e,e'p)omega missing masses.

Initial ep elastic cross-section checks Mid-March 2021

  • Richard/Ali/Vijay
  • Singles cross-sections, HMS and SHMS. SHMS delta scans (only peak position checked so far, stability of normalized yield ratio not yet checked). Coin ep cross-sections.
  • In Fpi-2, determing the correct proton absorption correction for normalized required some literature review and other digging.


BCM calibrations Done

Beam Energy calibrations Done

  • Mark Jones
    • This page incorporates May/2019 problem fix that caused to give wrong
      beam energies

Python analysis scripts Done

  • Richard/Stephen
  • 1 , 2


FULL REPLAY 1 of data, with new calibrations Mid to Late August 2020

  • This replay should include all new kinematic offsets, better timing and PID calibrations, as well as Mark's most recent HMS and SHMS matrix elements.
  • Quality control rechecks with new replay:
    • carbon luminosity scans are flat vs. current and rate
    • LH2 luminosity scans are flat vs. current and rate
  • HMS saturation corrections?
  • Final investigation of SHMS acceptance, optimize acceptance cuts based on sieve-slit run analysis, agreement with single-arm MC.
    • Compare data and simulation plots of SHMS yfp,ypfp for various ytar,delta bins to identify inconsistencies.
  • Trigger blocking studies.
    • Are extra factors needed to correct for missing FADC reference times, or any other DAQ related effects? Initial info from Peter Bosted indicates this is likely to be the case.
  • Recheck Heep singles and coin yields to identify and fix problems.
  • Stability checks. Need some scripts to look at invariant mass vs run number, etc., for pi+/K+/p channels.

FULL REPLAY 2 of data, with improved optics and corrections Christmas 2020

    • Final SHMS optic matrix element and acceptance determination.
    • Final HMS optics check.
    • Final Heepcheck offsets.
    • Better detector efficiency determination.
    • First check of Bill's L/T separation code.

FULL REPLAY 3 of data, with final calibrations and offsets Early June 2021

    • Final ep elastic cross-section checks.
    • Look at data in depth, and resolve outstanding problems.
    • First SIMC ntuple generation using new offsets.
    • Detailed Data/SIMC comparisons for HMS and SHMS focal plane and target reconstructed quantities, as well as W, Q^2, t, phi.
    • Preliminary L/T separation results.

FULL REPLAY 4 of data, with outstanding problems resolved Late August 2021

    • Final SIMC ntuple generation using final parameters.
    • Thorough look at L/T/LT/TT separations, consistency checks as necessary.
    • Final look at systematic error contributions.

FULL REPLAY 5 of data Christmas 2021

  • Hopefully not necessary
    • Separated cross-section results.
    • Form factor determination begins. Model systematic error tests. Use more than one model, if at all possible.
    • Model dependence and other issues in form factor extraction.

Begin thesis writing, drafts of first papers

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